StumbleUpon Bribe Machine Version 1.0

The Bribe Machine allows you to ethically "bribe" your site visitors to take an action that shares your website with others (viral marketing).

These "bribes" can be in the form of free software, ebooks, reports, videos, membership access, discounts, or anything else you can think of. Your user gets this "bribe" after they vote for your site.

In fact, you can see our own bribe at the bottom of this page.

Note: The Bribe Machine is actually a suite of BRAND NEW, never before released tools that allow you to suck traffic from many top social networking sites.

The FIRST Bribe Machine title to be released is the one you see here today: "Bribe Machine"

"Why Use the Digg Bribe Machine?"
  • When you use the Bribe Machine, your site will get new backlinks - the search engines LOVE backlinks, and your site will get found on more searches, bringing you more search engine traffic.
  • You get highly targeted traffic from other members.
  • These members "Stumble" onto your site based on the topics of interest they have chosen in their profile.

Bribe Machine Setup Overview:

  • Download and install SU Bribe Machine on your website. Setup is a snap, and takes less than 2 minutes. (See Below)
  • Upload your "bribe" page - giving away something of value that your visitor would want in exchange for 2 minutes of work. (Takes 5 seconds if they are already a user!)
  • Your visitor is directed to give your site a "thumbs up" using the toolbar. This process is known as voting.
  • Your visitor enters their ID into the Bribe Machine form.
  • The Bribe Machine script then crawls that users SU page to confirm that they have voted for your site.
  • If user has voted for your site, they are forwarded to your bribe download page. If they have NOT voted for your site, they will get a message telling them that they need to vote.