My Viral Lottery allows you to build your mailing list and get your list to become more responsive by letting your visitors participate in your very own lottery drawings to win your products for free.

(A fun way to add something interactive to your marketing tactics)

Key Script Features:

  • Administrators can add a lottery, and upload a product as a prize to be won
  • Administrators can choose the start and end times for each lottery
  • Administrators can choose the winning numbers for the lottery, and whether they have to be in "Exact" or "Any" order
  • Users can only guess once on each lottery
  • Users who win a lottery are automatically internally messaged
  • Winning users can collect the prize using a ONE TIME ONLY, SECURE download link
  • Internal message system allows users to chat amongst themselves and interact
  • Built-in custom-made forums
  • News system, allowing Administrators to add news items to the site
  • Administrators can configure and edit almost any on the site with ease from the "Site Settings" page
  • Administrators can add and manage news items as well as forums boards
  • Administrators can set the site to varying degrees/modes of openness or privateness
  • Administrators can approve comments
  • Full-fledged comment system allows users to comment on news items